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Yoga and Massage Therapy

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Call Caroline on 415 606 0101, or email

Caroline offers yoga and massage therapy in San Francisco.

To explore Caroline's teaching style attend one of her public yoga classes or schedule a private session tailored to your needs.

Caroline offers specialized bodywork, with an emphasis on overall well-being. Her approach includes orthopedic massage, deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. For clients with anxiety and stress, she offers breathing techniques to calm the nervous system.

Caroline works with Physical Therapists to promote rehabilitation. When receiving combined treatments, progress is often accelerated.
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"Caroline is an extremely talented teacher, a wealth of knowledge, with a witty sense of humor. Her presence is calming and magnetic" ~ Amy G

"I highly recommend Caroline as a teacher and resource for any level of yogi. Her lifelong dedication to yoga, health and wellness is clear and evident in her personality and the classes she teaches. Caroline is a powerful catalyst for all students" ~ Nicole Y

"Caroline's bodywork and postural balancing is outstanding. I had been living with lower back pain for years. Caroline has helped me undo my poor posture.
Her postural balancing sessions have shown me how to hold my body correctly and her massage work has worked wonders on relieving painful knots in my back". ~ Carol B

"I used to get regular migraines, Caroline's bodywork has released the tense muscles that were apparently causing the headaches. She has also helped me to breathe in a way that reduces my stress and anxiety. I rarely get migraines now. And I see Caroline once a month to stay balanced" ~ JC

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